Thursday, 13 December 2018

[FIXED] Windows 10 Wi-Fi, Cortana,Start Button,Settings,Windows Store,Taskbar Not Working 2018

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Windows 10 all general issues fixed 2018

                  Now A days people are moving to windows 10 from windows 8, windows 8.1 and windows 7. But the thing is some people are using old hardware settings so they might find some issues with windows 10 or its functions like Cortana , search button , task bar and most searched issue is wifi not working. we will be covering all windows 10 related issues in this blog and how to fix them.

                         In this post we will cover how to fix windows 10 several issues with common troubleshooting steps this will fix all major issues in windows 10 
This Fixes

1. Windows 10 Wi-Fi Not Working [FIXED]

2. Search Not Working [FIXED]

3. Cortana Not Working [FIXED]

4. Settings Won't Open [FIXED]

5. Taskbar Not Working [FIXED]

6. Start Menu Not Working [FIXED]

7. Windows Store Not Working [FIXED]

8. Windows Store App Not Opening [FIXED]

You can fix all the issues mentioned above can be fixed by performing general troubleshooting steps.

 create a system restore point and move on.

Windows 10 Support and Solutions

Most Windows 10 problems can be solved by these tasks

Repair corrupted system files

From the Windows X Menu, open  Command Prompt admin type the following a it runs the System File Checker.
                               sfc /scannow

This will scan your PC and replace your corrupted system files with good ones. Restart after the scan is over.

2] Repair corrupted  system image

Run the DISM to repair a possibly corrupted image. open command prompt, type the following

Dism /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth

Restart after the scan,
3] Re-register the Store and apps 
Search for ‘Power Shell’ in task bar search, select Windows Power Shell from the results, right-click run as admin This will run Power-Shell as administrator.
Now type the following and hit Enter.

Get-AppXPackage | Foreach {Add-AppxPackage -DisableDevelopmentMode -Register "$($_.InstallLocation)\AppXManifest.xml"}

4] Reset  Store Cache
Open Command Prompt as administrator, type WSReset.exet and hit Enter. This will clear and reset the Windows Store Cache.


Check the issues has been resolved or not. share your thoughts by commenting bellow.
If you have other issues with windows 10 you can ask us in the comment section. we will reply you within  24 Hours. Cheers!

if its not helpfull you have another issue with the pc

Now its goes normal...

Hope this helps.

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Thursday, 6 December 2018

Amazon Best Christmas Deals 2018

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Best Amazon Christmas Deals 2018

Amazon Christmas deals 2018


Today is 6th of December and Christmas is just three weeks away as Indians celebrates Diwali and Dhanteras offers in amazon people over the world celebrates Christmas by gifting our natives and relatives with a small or a huge gift.Amazon Christmas sale 2018 is coming.

some people stay abroad and cant meet family for the work pressure they send their gifts from online store like amazon wallmart so their family gets the happiness.

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Tuesday, 4 December 2018

How to earn money with Instagram 2019

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How to earn money with Instagram 2019


Instagram new shopping feature is coming to Indian market. This feature is rumored to go online next year 2019 . Instagram is a new social network running on the web and recently been introduced to India and its running very well here. Instagram will let users to buy directly from the application they are using its beneficiary for  the seller and the buys both. Now you can earn money with Instagram.

 People often go for those products when some models poses with the clothes or some fitness products units so people get more influenced and motivated to buy the product. Instagram is kind of Facebook where people can share pic videos and thoughts. people often asks how to earn money with Instagram and how to sell products on  Instagram,

so  we decided to give full review of Instagram shopping feature and  and how to sell products on Instagram . you may have seen users making thousand of dollars from Instagram buys sharing photos videos and reviews of products doesn't matter if you have 1k or 1000 k followers Instagram pays well , its around 300 $ - 500 $ per post you can earn this is just an example how well they pay .

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Saturday, 1 December 2018

Upcoming hollywood movies 2019

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Upcoming hollywood movies 2019 Review


New movie releases are our part of life.we watch movies to spend time some watches movies to gain energy for work they do. download the best film in 2018, free tv shows and movies without downloading ,download movies full episodes we have some new upcoming Hollywood movies upcoming this year and next year. we checked the new movies 2018 at the beginning of the year we checked all marvel upcoming new movies as a marvel fanboy i focus on marvel movies which rank the best by its user review. Lots movies upcoming this year 2019 . upcoming Hollywood movies like Captain marvel will make the difference than others. In this post we will be covering some of the upcoming Hollywood movies that gonna gain huge popularity. these days people watch more from the online movie steaming apps like NETFLIX  and amazon prime video and lots of sites that are trying to gain their place as the industry grows.We try to focus on list of 2019 films Hollywood comedy movies has gained the popularity since couple of years. Sol folks check this list hope you will like it and dont forget to comment bellow your favorite movie.

1. Captain Marvel

We all know about marvel comics and most of readers have seen all previous awesome Marvel movies. Marvel is one of the best production house of Hollywood. We have seen all marvel characters in comics and also in movies familiar with Bruce lee . After his death who will be the background of Marvel voice its also a controversy. With all these we started to see new movies are coming for marvel the new movie is Captain Marvel after great success of avengers infinity war. As per previous review of some trusted source this movie will be a great success for Marvel company. in this movie we will be able to see some new characters. 
The story is all about a girl who grew up in a normal family With no super power.she started het journey as an air force captain and one incident had changed her from a normal human to a hero.With her super natural power,she fights with the enemies of the world.she is a perfect blend of all of our well known super heroes and much more powerful than other marvel charecters.Hope she will help our all avengers to fight against THANOS and will play a major role on next episode. will Thanos be back? Lets see.

2.How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World

This is one of my best animated movie so far, This movie has various character we have seen in the last part. a dragon and its trainer they met accidentally the dragon was very faithful to the guy in the movie later they be friends and stayed together as the dragoon helped the boy to gain his inner power to fight any situation in life. at the first sight the boy way very unhappy he couldn't do anything and his father was so upset about this thing and then later after meeting the dragon he started to learn all life thing and become a hero for his villagers. 

In the second part we can see another whit dragoon exactly looks like the previous one the black one i.e Toothless. later the hero and his girlfriend found that threes not only on dragon threes a hidden dragon world where they stay and  groom themselves. At the hidden dragon world Toothless found his life partner and then the villein enters. 

3.HellBoy (2019)

Hellboy reboot Name is enough for this movie people also calls it as Hellboy 3 Ron Perlman hellboy 3 will be a great success as per IMDs review Milla Jovovich is also there so audience are eagerly waiting for the movie to release Hellboy trailer not been reveled yet boy the movie making company but with some sneaky peeks we found these information.

4. Spider-Man: Far From Home

Untitled Avengers film Stan lee has given lots of characters in marvel productions for many year Stan lee was the most loved person among Hollywood Modern mythology movies. After huge success in Marvel movies Stan lee started to keep a series of this films spider man far from home is one of his latest story. sadly Stan lee couldn't complete the journey died in late 2018 but fans and the characters will make him alive always RIP Stan Lee .In this new series spider man   produced by Columbia Pictures and Marvel Studios Releasing next summer with some new charters rumors says iron man will be there and a brand new villein.

5.Captive State

A science fiction movie based on some mythological creatures and blended with the real life directed by Rupert Wyatt and co-written by Wyatt and Erica Beeney. after an occupation by an extra-terrestrial force its like everything being told to us is wrong and people finding the truth fact some of the mythological creatures will invade the whole movie this movie will be the best science fiction movie in 2019 as per rations on the trailer . will release on march  2019 .Tagline is "Ten years ago, they took our planet. Today, we take it back".


At last we will discus about a Indian movie which claims that it will break all the records name of the movie is ROBOT 2.0
We have checked all the users review its been 1 day since the movie was released. this movie is more a science fiction action movie Rajnikant as hero ROBOT and Akshay kumar as villein. its been told that the movie is based on some natural calamities when the technology grows in extreme level it affects the nature then nature takes its revenge by showing some unnatural things in the movie we can see some mutant birds flying around destroying the lives the VFX work of the movie is great its the most expensive movie in Indian history. Robot 2.0 box office collection day 1 collect a little Rs. 20 crore - Hindi version only - on the opening day, reported trade analyst Taran Adarsh. This is the forst day collection of robot 2.0 couldn't beat the bahubali. ROBOT 2.0 2nd day total to Rs 39.25 crore. Lets see what will be the  robot 2.0 earnings for day 3. robot 2.0 


So these above mentioned movies are best as per their user review  we added the shorted lift as per the most top rations hope you like the post and dont forget comment bellow which is your best movie among them. Cheers!

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Wednesday, 28 November 2018


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Airplane mode wont turn off windows 10 (FIXED)

Airplane mode is a setting that gives you a quick way to turn off all wireless communication on your PC. As the name implies, it’s especially useful when you’re on an airplane. Wireless communication includes Wi-Fi, cellular (mobile broadband), Bluetooth, GPS or GNSS, near field communication (NFC), and all other types of wireless communication. 

Option 1:

1. Open Action Center (Windows Key + A)

2. Click/tap on the Airplane mode quick action button to toggle on or off.

Option 2:

1. Click/tap on the network icon in the taskbar notification area.

2. Click/tap on the Airplane mode button to toggle on or off.

Option 3:

1. Open Settings, and click/tap on the Network & Internet icon.

2.  Click/tap on Airplane mode on the left side, and turn on or off Airplane mode on the right side.

3. When finished, you can close Settings if you like.

How to Fix Airplane mode not turning off in Windows 10:

 Solution 1: Change Network Adapter Properties

1. search for Device Manager in Start Menu or Cortana and open it.

2. Make your way to the Network Adapter section and expand it by double-clicking on it

3. Figure out your wireless modem from the available list and right click on it to navigate to its Properties.

4. This launches the Properties dialog box of your adapter. Hit on the Power Management tab.  Clear off the option that says Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power.

5. To apply the changes, press Ok button. This will Fix Airplane mode not turning off issue in Windows 10 and resume its slider to be turned off.

Solution 2:

 Physical Wireless Switch

1. The prime task for you is to find out whether any physical switch for the wireless  is present or not.

2. If you contain the physical switch and if it is toggled Off, you will never be successful to come out of the Airplane Mode. Turn it to On mode

Solution 3: 

Disable and Enable Network Connection

1. Go to Setting and click on Network & Internet category.

2. By default, you will be taken to the WiFi segment of settings on the left.  Take your attention to the right pane of WiFi settings and you can witness a link Change adapter options. Execute a Press (tap) it.

3. An window pops up demonstrating your wireless connections.  Make a Right-click on the wireless connection and go with the Disable option.

4. This procedure disables your wireless connection. Furthermore, right click on the same connection and strike Enable.

Hope the above steps will help you...

any other windows related issues please comment us bellow we will reply you within 24 hours.

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